Genealogy of the HOW family - originally of Kent, England
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Extract from St Louis Post Newspaper of 26 April 1921

Griocer Shot and Killed in Store
Killing Result of Alleged Mistreatment of Slayer's 12-Year-OId Daughter by the Merchant.
Charles Flaskamp, 38, Surrenders to Police and Gives Reasons for Shooting William How, 61.
Charles Flaskamp, 38 years old, a car builder of 193 1A East Warne avenue, went Into William How's grocery store,
3724 Penrose street, at 6:30 last evening, and shot and killed How, who was 61 years old.
Flaskamp went out and reported the killing to a policeman, and was taken to the Angellce Street Station.
He said his reason for killing How was a story which his wife had told him, on his return from work,
to the effect that How had mistreated their 12-year-old daughter, Virginia Flaskamp.
Mrs. Flaskamp said, according to her husband, that she had not learned of the matter until yesterday,
when her daughter told her a story covering a period of nearly two years.
Girl's Story Repeated.
The girl said, according to the mother's story as repeated by the father,
that about two years ago How persuaded her, by a promise of candy,
to go into a room behind s the store. A few minutss later the
girl's screams caused Mrs. How to come down from her kitchen, above the 6tore.
How. according, to the girl's story, explained the matter to his wife by saying,
"The girl got scared at a rat."
Later trh girl (unclear). How again persuaded her to go into the rear room,
and she said that the last occurrence of this kind was about last Christmas.
The girl said nothing to her parents, and her reason for telling her mother yesterday
was that she believed people were talking, about her.
Her reason for this belief, she said, was given by the remarks and conduct
toward her of William Lammers, 38 years old, of 1929 East Warne avenue,
who took her for an automobile ride Sunday. She said he spoke to her about
her acquaintance with "old man How," and that he attempted to take liberties with her.
After the father had told his story, Lammers was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace.
He was released on bond, and refused to say anything as to the girl's story.
In Police Court today a request of Lammers that his case be continued to May 14 was granted.
Slayer Tells His Story.
Flaskamp, when seen by a Post-Dispatch reporter at the station today,
told of the circumstances of the shooting. "When my wife told me what had
happened to Virginia," he said, "I went to How's store and walked in.
How came out of the back room, and I said, I suppose you know why I have come."
"How said he didn't know, and I said, You know what you did to my little girl, Virginia.
"How said he hadn't done anything, and started to back out. Then I got out my revolver and shot him. That's all."
The bullet entered How's left breast and pierced his heart. Flaskamp said to policemen that
the revolver belonged to a relative, and that he borrowed it a few days ago because he had been
threatened with injury in a labor dispute. Mrs. Flaskamp and her daughter could not be seen
when a reporter called at the Warne avenue home. How's widow, when seen, said she knew Virginia Flaskamp,
but that to her knowledge, the girl had not been at the store for a long time.
She said she remembered the incident of the girl's screaming,
and How's explanation that a rat had frightened her.

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