Genealogy of the HOW family - originally of Kent, England
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Bromley, Kent, England


City/Town : Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALLAINE, Francis  Bef 1831Bromley, Kent, England I00331
2 BARTLETT, Elizabeth  Bef 1811Bromley, Kent, England I00357
3 CALMAN, John  Bef 1824Bromley, Kent, England I00205
4 HARRIS, Mary Ann  1 Feb 1827Bromley, Kent, England I00203
5 HOW, Agnes Ellen  1875Bromley, Kent, England I00354
6 HOW, Ann Elizabeth  1830Bromley, Kent, England I00208
7 HOW, Catherine  1836Bromley, Kent, England I00332
8 HOW, Ernest James  1871Bromley, Kent, England I00353
9 HOW, Frederick  29 Jul 1833Bromley, Kent, England I00220
10 HOW, Gertrude Jane  1869Bromley, Kent, England I00352
11 HOW, Henry  1831Bromley, Kent, England I00210
12 HOW, Hiram  1838Bromley, Kent, England I00334
13 HOW, John  26 Mar 1813Bromley, Kent, England I00189
14 HOW, Josiah  23 Dec 1803Bromley, Kent, England I00183
15 HOW, Josiah Alfred  25 Nov 1826Bromley, Kent, England I00202
16 HOW, Martha  26 May 1809Bromley, Kent, England I00358
17 HOW, Martha Ann  1829Bromley, Kent, England I00206
18 HOW, Mildred French Moyce  13 Jan 1805Bromley, Kent, England I00190
19 HOW, Paul  3 Aug 1807Bromley, Kent, England I00187
20 HOW, Paul  1841Bromley, Kent, England I00336
21 HOW, Rebecca  4 Jul 1811Bromley, Kent, England I00188
22 HOW, Sarah Stidolph  1835Bromley, Kent, England I00330
23 HOW, Silas Samuel  26 May 1802Bromley, Kent, England I00182
24 HOW, Thomas  10 Feb 1806Bromley, Kent, England I00185
25 HOW, Thomas  1837Bromley, Kent, England I00349
26 HOW, Thomasin Stidolph  1828Bromley, Kent, England I00204
27 HOW, William Haughton  27 Feb 1800Bromley, Kent, England I00019
28 HOW, William James Stidolph  1824Bromley, Kent, England I00200
29 INGLES, William Henry  10 Sep 1846Bromley, Kent, England I1
30 MATERN, Louis  Bef 1825Bromley, Kent, England I00207
31 ROBERTS, Mary  Abt 1803Bromley, Kent, England I00186
32 STIDOLPH, Thomasina  19 Sep 1800Bromley, Kent, England I00020
33 STIDOLPH, William  1772Bromley, Kent, England I610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HOW, Ann Elizabeth  3 Oct 1830Bromley, Kent, England I00208
2 HOW, Catherine  31 Jan 1837Bromley, Kent, England I00332
3 HOW, Frederick  1 Sep 1833Bromley, Kent, England I00220
4 HOW, Henry  19 Feb 1832Bromley, Kent, England I00210
5 HOW, James Nicholas  25 Dec 1799Bromley, Kent, England I00180
6 HOW, John  16 May 1813Bromley, Kent, England I00189
7 HOW, Josiah  5 Feb 1804Bromley, Kent, England I00183
8 HOW, Martha  2 Jul 1809Bromley, Kent, England I00358
9 HOW, Martha Ann  12 Apr 1829Bromley, Kent, England I00206
10 HOW, Mildred French Moyce  24 Feb 1805Bromley, Kent, England I00190
11 HOW, Paul  17 Aug 1807Bromley, Kent, England I00187
12 HOW, Rebecca  8 Sep 1811Bromley, Kent, England I00188
13 HOW, Sarah Stidolph  5 Jul 1835Bromley, Kent, England I00330
14 HOW, Silas Samuel  11 Jul 1802Bromley, Kent, England I00182
15 HOW, Thomas  30 Mar 1806Bromley, Kent, England I00185
16 HOW, Thomasin Stidolph  16 Mar 1828Bromley, Kent, England I00204
17 HOW, William Haughton  5 Apr 1801Bromley, Kent, England I00019
18 HOW, William James Stidolph  19 Dec 1824Bromley, Kent, England I00200
19 STIDOLPH, Thomasina  19 Oct 1800Bromley, Kent, England I00020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jane  13 Feb 1920Bromley, Kent, England I00351
2 COOPER, James Thomas  26 Jun 1876Bromley, Kent, England I617
3 HOW, Agnes Ellen  20 Nov 1954Bromley, Kent, England I00354
4 HOW, Ernest James  13 Feb 1933Bromley, Kent, England I00353
5 HOW, Gertrude Jane  27 Dec 1940Bromley, Kent, England I00352
6 HOW, James  19 Jul 1843Bromley, Kent, England I00005
7 HOW, John  26 Apr 1869Bromley, Kent, England I00189
8 HOW, Martha  24 Oct 1867Bromley, Kent, England I00358
9 HOW, Mildred French Moyce  27 May 1875Bromley, Kent, England I00190
10 HOW, Rebecca  24 Jul 1872Bromley, Kent, England I00188
11 HOW, Silas Samuel  6 Jul 1875Bromley, Kent, England I00182
12 HOW, Thomas  10 Aug 1838Bromley, Kent, England I00349
13 HOW, Thomas  27 May 1870Bromley, Kent, England I00185
14 INGLES, William Henry  03 Aug 1875Bromley, Kent, England I00359
15 PORTER, Sarah  12 Jan 1851Bromley, Kent, England I621
16 ROBERTS, Mary  18 Jan 1873Bromley, Kent, England I00186
17 SCOTT, Martha  16 May 1856Bromley, Kent, England I00008
18 STIDOLPH, William  1855Bromley, Kent, England I610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HOW, James  25 Jul 1843Bromley, Kent, England I00005


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOW / SMITH  16 Nov 1852Bromley, Kent, England F00077
2 UNSTEAD / HOW  19 Mar 1863Bromley, Kent, England F00116
3 WHITEHEAD / KENNARD  1885Bromley, Kent, England F00008