Genealogy of the HOW family - originally of Kent, England
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Ightham, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.2879082, Longitude: 0.2865886


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Bef 1691Ightham, Kent, England I00164
2 Ann  Abt 1700Ightham, Kent, England I00382
3 BRIGHT, Jane  3 Nov 1670Ightham, Kent, England I00371
4 FENN, Margaret (Margareta)  Abt 1642Ightham, Kent, England I00166
5 HOW, Elisabetha  4 Feb 1665Ightham, Kent, England I489
6 HOW, Elizabeth  Abt 1691Ightham, Kent, England I00369
7 HOW, Elizabeth  Abt 1713Ightham, Kent, England I492
8 HOW, Elizabeth  Abt 1724Ightham, Kent, England I00385
9 HOW, Elizabeth (Elisabetha)  12 Apr 1676Ightham, Kent, England I00175
10 HOW, George  Abt 1751Ightham, Kent, England I00381
11 HOW, John  Abt 1729Ightham, Kent, England I00379
12 HOW, John  Abt 1731Ightham, Kent, England I00384
13 HOW, John  1741Ightham, Kent, England I00178
14 HOW, Maria  Abt 1671Ightham, Kent, England I00364
15 HOW, Mary  Abt 1726Ightham, Kent, England I00377
16 HOW, Mary  1739Ightham, Kent, England I00177
17 HOW, Nicholas  30 Aug 1668Ightham, Kent, England I00174
18 HOW, Nicholas  1747Ightham, Kent, England I00001
19 HOW, Susanna  Abt 1731Ightham, Kent, England I00380
20 HOW, Thomas  Abt 1699Ightham, Kent, England I00374
21 HOW, Thomas  Abt 1725Ightham, Kent, England I00376
22 HOW, Walter  Abt 1694Ightham, Kent, England I00370
23 HOW, Walter  Abt 1715Ightham, Kent, England I00161
24 HOW, Willelemus  17 Oct 1690Ightham, Kent, England I00368
25 HOW, William  Abt 1726Ightham, Kent, England I00383
26 HOW, William  Abt 1728Ightham, Kent, England I00378
27 HOW, William  Abt 1753Ightham, Kent, England I661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRIGHT, Jane  6 Nov 1670Ightham, Kent, England I00371
2 HOW, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1691Ightham, Kent, England I00369
3 HOW, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1724Ightham, Kent, England I00385
4 HOW, Elizabeth  3 Feb 1744Ightham, Kent, England I00179
5 HOW, George  20 Oct 1751Ightham, Kent, England I00381
6 HOW, John  20 Mar 1729Ightham, Kent, England I00379
7 HOW, John  2 May 1731Ightham, Kent, England I00384
8 HOW, John  7 Mar 1741Ightham, Kent, England I00178
9 HOW, Margreta  28 Jan 1687Ightham, Kent, England I00367
10 HOW, Maria  28 May 1671Ightham, Kent, England I00364
11 HOW, Mary  22 Nov 1726Ightham, Kent, England I00377
12 HOW, Mary  28 Oct 1739Ightham, Kent, England I00177
13 HOW, Nicholas  6 Sep 1668Ightham, Kent, England I00174
14 HOW, Nicholas  20 Sep 1697Ightham, Kent, England I00373
15 HOW, Susanna  6 Feb 1731Ightham, Kent, England I00380
16 HOW, Thomas  9 Mar 1696Ightham, Kent, England I00372
17 HOW, Thomas  Apr 1699Ightham, Kent, England I00374
18 HOW, Thomas  16 May 1725Ightham, Kent, England I00376
19 HOW, Walter  28 Oct 1694Ightham, Kent, England I00370
20 HOW, Walter  23 Oct 1715Ightham, Kent, England I00161
21 HOW, Willelemus  23 Nov 1690Ightham, Kent, England I00368
22 HOW, William  13 Nov 1726Ightham, Kent, England I00383
23 HOW, William  22 Dec 1728Ightham, Kent, England I00378
24 HOW, William  25 Nov 1753Ightham, Kent, England I661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  26 Sep 1764Ightham, Kent, England I00382
2 HOW, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1746Ightham, Kent, England I00179
3 HOW, Nicholas  24 Sep 1697Ightham, Kent, England I00373
4 HOW, Walter  Sep 1746Ightham, Kent, England I00370
5 HOW, Willelemus  10 Nov 1764Ightham, Kent, England I00368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anne  Ightham, Kent, England I491


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOW / GARDNER  14 Dec 1737Ightham, Kent, England F00057