Genealogy of the HOW family - originally of Kent, England
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Hello and welcome to the HOW family tree.

This family has had its origins traced back to the county of Kent (England), around the villages of Hadlow, Ightham and Sevenoaks in the 16th and 17th centuries (see Abraham HOW).
There are over 700 individuals in the tree of which 350+ are How's and they are located in both England and the USA (Minnesota and Missouri mainly). The Emigration from England to the USA occurred between 1850-1900.

This website was launched in 2010 and was only made possible by Norman How and his exhaustive research into the HOW family tree. Also a big THANK YOU to Kaye [How] Wachter for the marvellous book titled "You Could Have Been a Hill" from which I have taken various extracts, see the books introduction HERE. Unfortunately neither is with us now and so I dedicate this site to their memory.

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Help Preserve Our Family Heritage
The purpose of this site is to preserve our HOW family heritage and make it available for our younger generations in the years to come. I believe the stories and photos are precious and will be lost if we fail to record the events of our lives. I invite anyone who is interested in these families to please consider contributing. Include as many of the following as possible and appropriate:
  • Full maiden name including all middle names
  • Birth, marriage and deceased dates and places, as appropriate.
  • Relationship to others in the family tree.
  • Picture of person and/or certificates
  • Where you got the information from.

On this website there is a "Suggest Change" tab and a "Submit Photo/Doc" tab on each individuals page that you can use to quickly send me info about that person. Otherwise just use the contact details below.

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What's New in the HOW Tree?
What's New - View the latest additions and amendments to the HOW Family Tree. See whose been added and what new photos and certificates there are etc.

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27 Apr 2015 - Added an FAQ and HELP page to the site - available on a new drop down menu near the top right called Help.
22 Apr 2015 - Making a lot of updates to the US side of the tree - this will continue for a couple of weeks.
20 Apr 2015 - Added Emigration Map to the USA - see menu on the left.
17 Apr 2015 - Updated Reports - take a look and request any you think would be useful.
15 Apr 2015 - Created separate categories for Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates and Wills. Available from Home Page menu and Media drop down menu.
10 Apr 2015 - Added a lot of info to the Missouri How's. Death certificates, Headstone photos etc.
01 Sep 2013 - Added approx 40 Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates. Douglas How found them in his attic.
02 Mar 2012 - Added Today in History... section to Home Page.
04 Sep 2010 - Updated site from Kaye Wachter's book.
01 Sep 2010 - This site 1st setup.