Genealogy of the HOW family - originally of Kent, England
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Matches 1 to 47 of 47 for Tree equals How Genealogy AND Branch equals HOW family branch that emigrated from England to Missouri, USA

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F246
ALEXANDER, Robert HOW, Shirley Margaret 11 Aug 1945 Palm Beach, Florida, USA  
2 F00108
BALLAINE, Francis HOW, Sarah Stidolph 23 May 1853 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
3 F00075
BURT, William HOW, Ann Elizabeth Abt 1860 Missouri, USA  
4 F00073
CALMAN, John HOW, Thomasin Stidolph   
5 F219
CAVANAUGH, Daniel Joseph HOW, Janet Ruth 23 Jun 1956  
6 F00078
COX, W W HOW, Alice Jane 01 Dec 1900  
7 F00107
DE MAY, Jules HOW, Mabel Abt 1922  
8 F00086
ENGEL, Claude Erwin HOW, Hettie Lucille   
9 F00101
ERSKINE, Samuel Tallon HOW, Ellen Margaret   
10 F00094
HOW, Alfred HAGGEMEIER, Louise A.   
11 F00095
HOW, Alfred WILSON, Elizabeth   
12 F00097
HOW, Alfred John WEISSGERBER, Elsa Agnes 30 Nov 1905 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
13 F00103
HOW, Alfred Lloyd BURK, Elfrieda Caroline 27 Aug 1921 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
14 F00087
HOW, Edward Stephen COX, Mary Hester 22 Nov 1881 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
15 F00089
HOW, Ernest Edward WHITEHEAD, Chesley Edgar 30 May 1918 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USA  
16 F243
HOW, Ernest Edward STROUP, Hester E 14 Jul 1952 Festus, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
17 F00077
HOW, Frederick SMITH, Jane 16 Nov 1852 Bromley, Kent, England  
18 F00100
HOW, Frederick John LLOYD, Mary Jane   
19 F00104
HOW, Frederick John JONES, Marie A   
20 F00081
HOW, Harry BERRY, Etta   
21 F00076
HOW, Henry ANN, Mary   
22 F00099
HOW, Herbert Eugene GUTKAES, Louise Harriet 26 Jun 1907  
23 F00110
HOW, Hiram BOUGHTON, Amanda 17 Apr 1866 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
24 F00105
HOW, Hiram EICHMEYER, Isabelle D. 6 Jun 1893 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
25 F00088
HOW, John Edward CALDWELL, Helen Edith 17 Apr 1909 Zion, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
26 F00072
HOW, Josiah Alfred HARRIS, Mary Ann 1 Jul 1850 Charlton, London, England  
27 F224
HOW, Leonard CLARK, Winona Abt 1932 Brookfield, Illinois, USA  
28 F00092
HOW, Oakley Geiger BOLAND, Della May 25 Dec 1929 Festus, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
29 F00091
HOW, Oliver Monroe WIBBLE, Mabel E Abt 1925 Missouri, USA  
30 F00082
HOW, Ralph Frederick DAVY, Mary Bernice 16 Apr 1927  
31 F00085
HOW, Robert ELLIS, Phoebe Louise 06 Feb 1900 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
32 F00090
HOW, Roy Clarence TREFT, Nellie Bryan 24 Dec 1921 Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
33 F244
HOW, Russell A MISPAGEL, Bernadine M 5 Aug 1933 Webster Groves, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
34 F235
HOW, Stephan Ewing CLOW, Grace Virginia 26 Mar 1945 Escambia, Florida, USA  
35 F00106
HOW, Walter Frank COON, Merle Zelma 10 Jul 1915  
36 F00098
HOW, William Godfrey SCOTT, Dollie 16 Feb 1905 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
37 F00009
HOW, William Haughton STIDOLPH, Thomasina Abt 1823 Oregon, USA  
38 F00096
HOW, William Haughton BROWN, Harriet M 13 Jan 1881 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
39 F00071
HOW, William James Stidolph HARMAN, Mary Ann 3 Aug 1845 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England  
40 F00080
KENEY, Charles Lawson HOW, Anna Elizabeth 17 Nov 1875 Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
41 F00074
MATERN, Louis HOW, Martha Ann 13 Mar 1852 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
42 F00093
MORGAN, Charles Walter HOW, Agnes Rhoda 25 Dec 1923 De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA  
43 F00102
POPOVITCH, John T. HOW, Josephine Marie Abt 1924  
44 F00109
SEYMOUR, Robert HOW, Catherine Abt 1856 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  
45 F00079
SUDDETH, George HOW, Alice Jane 08 Aug 1904  
46 F00084
TAYLOR, Cherley T HOW, Loree A   
47 F217
THOMPSON, Donald James HOW, Mary Etta 18 Jan 1952